Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Puppy's Garden of Verses

Although we tend to report or write only about significant moments, and this blog is no different, life is lived in the day to day.  This week, I wanted to provide five little snapshots of daily life with Cleo.  While each could come with a longer explanation, I hope that these five haiku give an insight into the beauty of a day with our girl, or maybe sound familiar to other Bedlington moms and dads.

Crow, cat, squirrel, child,
Any a potential friend.
Wide smile of greeting.

*            *            *

Ten toys on the floor.
Stretch, nose to the counter-edge.
What toys are up there?

*            *            *

Grass blades don’t rustle.
Each step silent as moth wings.
Joy!  Stalking gophers.

*            *            *

Darkness.  Crisp air.  Leap!
A riot of happy barks.
Ears swept back by speed.

*            *            *

Reclining figure
Limns the couch back, paws adrape.
Is it stuffed or real?

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